How to upgrade your Apple TV to Apple TV Pro: A guide

With the release of the Apple TV 3, Apple has given users an opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of the console, with a variety of software options available.

In this article, we take a look at the different software options and what to expect from the new Apple TV.

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We’re also going to show you some of the ways in which you can get a great, custom-designed Apple TV with all the latest hardware and apps.

With the release, Apple is also introducing a new set of options for users to choose from.

In addition to the standard options, the AppleTV Pro has a few more options in its own section of the app store, with the following sections offering the following:1.

Control the power and volume buttons2.

Set your audio settings3.

Add or remove content from the cloud4.

Watch videos with Siri5.

Add and delete your own content and settings6.

Share and download content7.

Share a photo with friends and family8.

Download and save a photo9.

Add an additional photo to your Apple Photos album10.

Set a timer for your photo11.

Save a photo to a specific location12.

Share your own photos with your friends13.

Add a picture to your timeline and share your own, too14.

Watch a video with Siri15.

Add subtitles to your video with the Apple Remote App16.

Watch an audio clip from YouTube with Siri17.

Watch the news feed from the Apple News app18.

View and edit your Twitter profile, Facebook page, and other social media pages19.

Download your favorite apps from the App Store20.

Easily edit your home screen with the Home Screen Editor 21.

Change the background color of your iPhone and iPad22.

Add your favorite Apple Watch bands to your watch23.

Watch and read your favorite books from the Bookmarks app24.

Access the Siri Remote App and control Siri Remote access with the Siri remote control25.

Watch movies on your Apple Watch26.

Watch your favorite movies on a Mac with the Mac app27.

Watch TV shows from Netflix on Apple TV 28.

Listen to audiobooks on Audible29.

Stream podcasts from Apple Podcasts30.

Watch YouTube videos on YouTube31.

Control Siri voice commands from your iPhone with the voice command controller32.

Control your favorite remote control with the Remote app33.

View your Siri alerts and commands from Siri Remote Access34.

Use the voice commands of Siri to navigate your Home screen with Home Assistant35.

View all of your Siri commands and commands to the Siri app36.

Control Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth Low Energy37.

Easier access to your iPhone by using Siri RemoteLink:

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