How to use a laptop as a computer accessory

A new laptop with built-in Wi-Fi and USB ports is about to hit the market, offering a new way to connect your computer to the internet and a new type of connection.

It also comes with an option to connect to a computer with a webcam, so you can capture your photos.

But it’s the laptop itself that is the most exciting feature, according to Microsoft, the makers of the popular Windows computer operating system. 

“Windows laptops are becoming increasingly popular, and Windows laptops have become so popular because they offer so many benefits,” said Michael Wiese, Microsoft’s director of product marketing for laptops.

“But for some users, the ability to share files and use the internet is a bit of a hassle.

So we’ve created a laptop with a unique and intuitive experience that lets you take your laptop on a new adventure.” 

The new Surface Laptop is the first laptop to come with Windows 8, the most recent version of Windows.

Microsoft’s new Surface laptop is expected to hit stores later this year, and it comes with a keyboard, mouse and speakers.

The laptop is powered by a 12-inch, Intel Core i5-2450M processor and comes with 32GB of storage, a 3,200mAh battery and a 1080p screen.

There’s also a microSD slot, a USB Type-C port, a fingerprint reader, a built-ins camera and a fingerprint sensor. 

The Surface Lifestyle is priced at $2,499. 

According to Microsoft’s announcement, the Surface Laptops are the first laptops to offer Windows 8.

The new operating system will come with many of the features that Windows 8 brings to the desktop and the tablet market, such as the new Start menu, the new Cortana voice-activated assistant and the ability for users to customize their desktop wallpaper and wallpaper themes.

Microsoft says the Surface laptop will offer users the ability on the touchpad, mouse, keyboard and speakers to share photos, play games and watch movies. 

Microsoft says it has built the Surface laptop in partnership with Dell, Asus and Lenovo, who all offer laptops with built in Wi-fi and USB 3.0 ports. 

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