NFL fans: Get ready for a new Apple fan experience

Apple has officially confirmed its first official iPad Airs in a major deal with Apple Watch makers.

The new Apple Watch Sport models come in a wide range of colors including gold, rose gold, platinum, black, and silver.

Apple also plans to bring Apple TV streaming to the new iPad Air models.

Apple will offer the iPad Air in six colors, but those are the only ones that will be available for purchase.

The new iPad is also expected to include a new, larger battery, though it isn’t clear how many sizes Apple will offer.

Apple is also reportedly looking at launching the iPad in two sizes, a smaller 8.9mm model that is a bit smaller than the larger 9.7mm iPad, and a larger 10.1mm model with a larger display.

The iPad Air is reportedly set to be available in August for $299, and it should be available worldwide soon.