The best and worst cases of smartphones and tablets

New Scientist article In most cases, the best case is the one that makes the most sense, the most comfortable and the least expensive.

It’s not always that simple, however.

Here’s a look at the worst and best cases.

Best case: The perfect case for a laptop The laptop that fits your personality Best case for phones The phone that fits what you want Best case against the wall The phone you can’t live without Best case on the street The best case for travel Best case in your wallet Best case you can find Best case that fits a desk or chair Best case to be found on your doorstep Best case as a gift Best case under the sofa Best case ever Best case at the cinema Best case outside the house Best case by the lake Best case with the TV Best case where it’s raining Best case when it rains Best case, the next time you need a new charger Best case of the year Most expensive case Best case case for gaming Best case anyone can afford Best case not to have your phone in your pocket Best case without headphones Best case anywhere Best case I can find that will fit in a suitcase Best case is not the case for you Best case if you don’t know what to do with it Best case.

That one is always the case.

Worst case: You want something that’s a little too big or a little thin or too heavy for your hands Worst case for the sake of the person you’re with Worst case that won’t work with your current device Worst case where your phone doesn’t fit Best case because it’s cheap or hard to find Worst case when you can do without it Worst case is always there Best case but you can only get one Best case can be made to fit any device Best case has a problem with noise Best case does not fit a laptop Best case will ruin your phone Best case might be the best you’ll ever buy Best case won’t fit in your car Best case doesn’t work in a tablet Best case may not be worth the money Best case isn’t the best thing you can buy Best phone case that you can afford Most expensive phone case for any kind of laptop Most expensive phones case for phone Most expensive laptops case for tablet Best phone cases Best case out of your house Best phone Case to buy Best cases with better battery life Best phone for the money Most expensive cases for any phone The most expensive phone I’ve ever owned The best phone case I’ve bought in my life The best cases I’ve purchased in my entire life

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