eBay to add more than $1,000 in computer accessories for customers

The online retailer Ebay is launching an accessory section for its customers that will include $1 Apple Mac laptops, $1 HP Chromebook laptops and $1 Samsung Chromebook laptops.

The new section, which is expected to launch in January, will include “more than $5,000 worth of computers, accessories, keyboards, mice, and more” in addition to items like Macs, Chromebooks and Samsung Chromebooks. 

The product page on the Ebay website notes that the new section will be available on the company’s website and Ebay.com.au, a digital marketplace. 

“The goal is to make sure you’re always finding the most exciting and high-quality electronics and accessories for your Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Chromebook Plus, Apple TV, and other devices,” the product page reads.

“Ebay is excited to introduce this new section to our customers.”

The company says it will also “provide you with additional information about the products that we have on offer, so you can always be sure of what you are buying.” 

The site says the new product page will be free to sign up for and the first 10 customers will receive a complimentary one-year subscription to the new eBay Mac product page. 

This is Ebay’s first foray into accessories and accessories products.

The company launched a section for computers, computers accessories and laptop accessories in October and the Mac section was updated to include a section dedicated to Apple laptops.

The new section is likely to be similar to what is available on Ebay Canada.

“Our Mac section has grown significantly over the past year and is already the most popular section on Ebakas site,” a company spokesperson said.

“As our customer base grows, we will add new products, as well as add more and more product categories to our product pages, which we believe will help our customers discover more products and accessories.”

The Ebay page for the new computer accessories section says it is available to members in Australia, New Zealand, the US, South Africa and the UK.

 The new product section has not been confirmed by Ebay yet.

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