What do you want from the CES 2017 tech show?

CES is the tech show of the year.

And while we’re getting our first look at the latest tech from major tech brands, there’s a lot of new stuff coming from the semiconductor industry.

Here are some of our favorite tech shows of 2017, which we’ll be covering over the next few days.


Computers: From high-end tablets to high-powered mobile phones, there is a whole lot to love in the new CES 2017.

Here’s our guide to the latest and greatest in tech.


Electronics: A lot of electronics companies are going to show off some new hardware and software.

We’ve got a rundown of all the new chips and systems from the big manufacturers.


Robotics: We’re looking at new products from robotics companies and tech companies.

For example, we’ve got an in-depth look at robotics from the maker of the RoboBooster.


Medical devices: There’s lots of cool stuff coming out of the medical device industry, including a look at a new version of the implantable pacemaker.


Personal computers: If you’re a PC fan, you’re in luck.

Microsoft has been showing off a brand new version that’s more powerful and has a faster processor.


Computer accessories: Here are our picks for the most exciting new tech.


Home electronics: We’ve had a look over the new Home Depot, and it’s looking awesome.


Home security systems: If security systems are your thing, there are a lot more to look forward to at CES 2017 than you may realize.


Security cameras: We found some cool new security cameras, and here are some other ways you can get one.


Automation: If technology makes it easier to automate tasks, this could be the year you finally start using it. 11.

Health systems: The big healthcare companies are bringing some cool devices to CES.

Here we look at some of the most advanced technologies coming to CES 2017, including one from the manufacturer of the Heart rate monitor.


Robotics and other technology: The robotics industry is a hot topic.

We’re getting a glimpse at the big robotics companies, and we’re also going to look at what it’s like to make robots that work with humans.


Software: We’ll be taking a look through the software world in 2017.


Personal services: The new HomeKit, the new Amazon Echo, the Amazon Echo Dot, and the new Alexa are all making their CES debut.


Home theater systems: You’re going to love the new Samsung TV and other new smart home products.


Wearables: We have a full look at how the Amazon Alexa works, as well as what we can expect to see at CES.


Consumer electronics: If electronics are your jam, we have a look for all the tech you might want to spend your holiday shopping on. 18.

Wearable technology: Wearables are starting to come to life in a big way, and CES is going to be a big part of that.


Home entertainment: The biggest thing you need for your home theater is a set of speakers.

And CES is here to show you what’s coming up. 20.

Health: The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest tech shows in the world, so it’s no surprise that we’ve been looking at health tech.

Here, we’re going over some of CES 2017’s hottest gadgets and tech news.


Personal computing: This is a lot to digest, so we’ve put together this handy guide for you.


Personal electronics: The Samsung Chromebook is one awesome new laptop from Samsung.


Home video: Sony is showing off some awesome new TVs and speakers.


Home automation: We get to check out what the next generation of home automation systems are.


Home theatre: CES is always the best place to watch your favorite shows.

We have our full CES 2017 rundown.


WearABLE technology: We had a sneak peek at the next-generation Google Glass, and now we have our first full look.


Home media: You can finally stream your favorite music and movies from your smartphone or tablet with Google Music.


Home appliances: Amazon’s Echo has a smart thermostat that works like a lightbulb, and you can control the thermostats from your smart home.


Home services: If there’s one thing we know about Apple, it’s that it will come back again in a bigger and better form in 2017 with the new Apple TV. 30.

Personal technologies: We don’t have to worry about the latest smart home gadgets and apps, but we’ll definitely be taking your calls about what we’re excited about.


Home health: We know the newest generation of medical devices and equipment are coming soon, and that’s exciting news for many people.


Personal care: It’s time to get

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