When Will Computers Become Boring?

It’s a long time coming, but the computer art accessory market is about to explode.

According to data from market researcher App Annie, the world’s largest digital art market, computer art and digital accessories will collectively account for about 7% of the global market by 2020.

That means we’re likely to see more new, creative digital art products coming out of China and elsewhere in the coming years.

“It’s definitely a long way to go, but it’s certainly coming,” says App Annie Senior Director of Marketing, Andrew Wylie.

“There’s a lot of excitement around the technology.”

There are three main ways digital art and accessories are making their way to the global marketplace.

First, we have new hardware and software that lets us create, animate, and manipulate digital images.

This is where a lot more people are spending their time.

Next, there are new devices and accessories that allow users to play games and watch movies in the comfort of their homes, without having to travel to a movie theater.

And finally, there’s the new kind of computer, the smartphone.

These devices allow users access to the internet and the latest software while being connected to the cloud.

That’s a big shift for digital art, and it’s driving more consumers to purchase the technology themselves, says App and Arti Technologies’ Michael Gough.

As it becomes increasingly more difficult to create and animate high-quality digital art for a living, those who do are turning to the smartphone as a solution.

The smartphone is more powerful than ever, but unlike the traditional desktop computer, it can be set up to interact with digital art without the need for a desktop.

App Annie and Artitech Research’s research found that smartphone owners spent an average of $1,828 per month on the device in 2016.

The trend is clear: As smartphones become more ubiquitous, more people will want to spend their time in their own homes.

“With the emergence of the smartphone, it’s become more important for users to interact and interact with their digital art,” says Gough, who also runs Arti Research.

“I think this is a good time to think about the role of technology in the digital world, and why it’s so powerful and why consumers are turning towards it.”

In addition to smartphone owners, the next generation of smartphone users are likely to be artists, designers, and animators.

The next generation is a growing, diverse group, and App Annie is excited about the future of digital art.

“Artists and designers are starting to look at the possibilities of digital painting and digital illustration,” says Wylies.

“This is a very new market, and there are so many new devices coming out that are getting used, so it’s great that there’s an opportunity to expand and take advantage of this new technology.”

A recent study from Adobe found that people who work with digital content spent about four hours per day on their smartphones.

And as the number of people who have access to their phones increases, so will the opportunities to make digital art on them.

“We’re in the midst of a digital art renaissance right now,” says James S. Kelleher, President of Creative Cloud, an independent digital art consulting firm.

“Digital art is an integral part of the modern digital landscape, and the next decade will bring us the most amazing, beautiful, interactive digital art to ever be created.”

With the rise of new digital technologies and apps, it makes sense that the people who make them will also be interested in their devices.

And the new technologies and accessories will be making a big impact on the world of digital creativity.

“As digital art becomes more ubiquitous and more connected to our devices, the demand for digital artwork is going to grow, as people look to their art to create,” says Kellehers.

“That means a new breed of digital artists and designers will be stepping in to help shape the digital landscape.”

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