Apple iPhone XS Max review

Apple is about to unleash the iPhone X, but the iPhone 8 and XS models will get a few more changes.

First up is a new faceplate that replaces the front-facing camera and the front face of the device.

A bigger battery should make for longer battery life for users.

And, of course, a new camera app for iOS 9 is here, which lets you take photos from up to 5 feet away.

AppleInsider has more information on the iPhone and X’s changes.

The iPhone X is the best iPhone you can buy right now.

It is the cheapest iPhone available.

It has the best camera, the best battery, and the best performance for a premium phone.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the next best thing.

You get all of the benefits of a smartwatch without having to shell out for an Apple Watch.

Read moreApple’s iPhone X has some notable changes from last year’s iPhone, too.

Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner has been redesigned to make it easier to unlock the device with your fingerprint.

There are new security features, including Apple Pay, that let you use Apple Pay at home, or in the car, with just your fingerprint, even if you don’t have your iPhone.

There’s also a new Siri voice-activated assistant, called Apple Pay Advanced, that will let you pay with a mobile payment app.

Apple Pay is a secure payment system that only uses your Apple Pay account, and not your phone.

Apple has also revamped Siri to let you quickly search for specific topics.

You can search for the Apple Watch, Calendar, News, Weather, and other Apple products by name, category, or product name.

Apple has also introduced a new app called Siri Assistant, which uses a virtual assistant to guide you through tasks.

Apple is also adding a new way to use iCloud Photo Library, which stores photos you’ve taken with your iPhone, and then lets you access them on your iPhone with just a tap.

It’s a new feature for iCloud Photos, which allows you to easily share photos and videos with friends and family using your iCloud account.

Apple also added a new iCloud Drive service, which offers users a way to store photos and other media on Apple’s cloud storage service.

Apple’s updated Siri and new Siri Assistant apps are part of a larger effort to make Siri more intelligent and helpful, too, with a new iPhone feature called Apple AI, and new services like iCloud Drive, Apple Music, and Apple Pay.

Apple added Siri AI to Siri in iOS 11, and has made it available on iPhone since.

The new iPhone will have Siri AI enabled by default on all iOS devices starting with the iPhone 7s, 7s Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone X.