Apple and Google face off on the future of computer peripherals

It’s a battle of tech titans that’s expected to have a bigger impact on the tech industry than a war over the fate of Apple and Alphabet Inc. The battle is expected to determine whether tech companies can continue to grow as they did or whether the market will grow at a faster rate than companies like Google and Apple.

It’s an industry that’s still in a period of upheaval after Facebook and Apple bought WhatsApp and Snapchat, and is already seeing the fallout from an ongoing legal battle over whether to allow facial recognition technology in some areas.

A battle of giants in the computer peripherale market could be just the start of a battle between tech companies and the public sector, said Michael Wieser, president of market research firm Gartner.

“The big story of the next couple of years is the impact of this type of disruption on the private sector and on the public sectors,” he said.

“That’s the story that the big companies will be looking at.”

A battle to the death?

It’s unlikely that a battle over who gets the most revenue from a device will be the biggest factor in how long the industry thrives, Wieserr said.

The battle over the future has already been raging in recent months as companies like Apple and Facebook tried to win the market for computers, smartphones and tablets, and the two companies are now competing to win over more customers.

In September, Facebook won a court case against Apple and agreed to pay $10 billion to settle a class action lawsuit over whether the company was using its iPhone as a means of distributing pornography.

Facebook also said that the courts have sided with its position that the company does not collect personal data from its users.

The company said the deal was about improving privacy.

In November, Apple filed a lawsuit against Google over the same privacy concerns.

In that case, Apple argued that Google collects data from all users of Google services, including the search engine and its mobile apps.

Google said that data collected by Google is not linked to any specific user.

The companies are both accused of violating the terms of the agreement between the companies.

Google has also argued that Apple’s Android devices are not connected to the internet and that data is collected by third parties and not directly by the companies, including third-party ad networks.

Apple and Google both declined to comment for this story.

At the same time, tech companies are also seeing competition from other manufacturers.

Google is building a new type of computer that is much smaller than the MacBook Air and will cost $199.99, and Dell is also building an ultra-thin laptop called the XPS 13 for $1,299.99.

And Microsoft is also trying to get in on the PC business with the Surface tablet, which costs $1.99 and is aimed at businesses.

A lot of the hardware for computers and devices is made by Apple, and so companies have to compete with each other to get more customers, said Stephen Sussman, director of research for IDC’s mobile research.

But he said there are other reasons to worry about the industry, too.

Companies that sell laptops, smartphones, tablets and other electronics products have been able to get ahead because they’ve made the devices cheaper, he said, but that may not last forever.

There’s no reason to believe that the industry will recover quickly from the disruption that this is going to create, said Steve Osterloh, senior analyst for the data firm GfK.

“The competition in the market is going really strong,” he added.

Will a war between Apple and Microsoft really hurt the industry?

“There are no silver bullets, no magic bullets, there’s no cure for the PC-computer divide,” said Adam Eidinger, an analyst at IDC.

He said there’s a lot of evidence that a number of things will happen in the future that will make the PC market smaller.

“We are going to see a lot more of this kind of software fragmentation,” he explained.

That means there are fewer manufacturers making devices, and those manufacturers may not make them as well.

There may also be fewer consumer choices for PC computers.

And the new hardware will be so small, consumers may not want to buy that new device.

We have seen a lot in the past decade of consolidation in the marketplace, and that consolidation has affected the market,” said James C. Kowalski, chief technology officer of iFixit, a repair and maintenance company.

This story was produced in partnership with The Associated Press and is available online through the AP’s Digital Content Program.

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