When Microsoft bought PC maker PCworld for $1.7bn

TechCrunch article Microsoft announced Tuesday that it has bought PC World for $8.7 billion, making it the world’s second-largest seller of PC accessories.

The company also announced a $1 billion investment in PC maker Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Microsoft said the deal was made possible by its commitment to expand the range of products it sells.

The acquisition also includes PC maker Acer, which was acquired in 2015.

It also includes a number of new companies, including a PC manufacturer from China, PC makers Acer and ASUS, and a software maker from the US, PC maker Dell.

Microsoft will use the proceeds to fund expansion of its global presence in computing, the company said in a statement.

The new deal is the largest PC maker acquisition ever by Microsoft.

PC World has a history of investing in high-profile companies and brands, including Dell and Dell.

The deal is not subject to a formal public offering.

Microsoft has not yet said what it plans to do with the remaining PC business. 

The news of the PC buy was met with mixed reactions in the press.

PCMag’s Mike Isaacson called the purchase “a great acquisition,” but added that the acquisition will be difficult to execute given the company’s “small size, limited product portfolio, and the fact that PC makers are struggling to compete with Amazon, Apple, and Google.”

Isaacson also noted that while Microsoft may be the world leader in computing hardware, it lacks a solid product line to compete head-to-head with Amazon and Apple.

He also said that it would be “difficult” to convince buyers of the deal to upgrade their PCs, since the deal will not allow them to “buy a PC with a big display” and would also put more pressure on Microsoft’s Windows business.

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