When you’re a ‘computer’ and you’re ‘a nerd’, tech companies are hiring, study finds

Computer rack accessories and storage are now the norm for all the world’s big tech companies.

They’re used in many of the world.

And they’re becoming more popular in the last decade.

But the study by research firm IDC and McKinsey says the trends aren’t translating to a more diverse workforce, or to more talented workers.

IDC says tech companies have a much harder time hiring minority or underrepresented groups.

But some of those groups, like students, have historically been the most vulnerable to underrepresentation.

In some cases, they’ve been less likely to be hired than whites, according to the report.

Tech companies have also struggled to attract qualified candidates, said James S. McInerney, IDC’s vice president for data and technology.

That’s because they are more likely to have a lower bar to enter.

The median starting salary for a software engineer in the U.S. in 2018 was $79,000, according the report, compared with $88,000 for engineers in the same category in 2020.

Tech jobs are getting increasingly specialized and demanding, and that makes it harder to find talent, McInierney said.

He said that can lead to underperformance, because the more specialized an industry is, the more likely there will be less talent to fill that role.

“The problem is that there are more diverse groups that are not in the top 10 percent, and they are not getting the kinds of opportunities that they’re looking for,” he said.

The McKinsey study also found that tech companies were paying more than any other industry in 2017, with the average hourly wage for software engineers in 2020 at $83.51.

The study’s findings are a stark reminder that tech workers are not only a minority, but are increasingly a part of the underrepresented community.

“We’re not seeing the kinds a diversity that we would expect,” said Michael Biederman, senior vice president at McKinsey.

That means the technology industry has a hard time recruiting more of the kind of people who can help it meet its goal of hiring 100,000 people by 2021.

The report comes after several other studies have found that the underrepresentations in tech are more pronounced among African Americans and Hispanics, the study’s authors said.

In a separate report released Wednesday, the National Center for Fair Employment and Housing said tech companies like Facebook, Apple and Amazon are among the top five employers that employ people who are less than 25 years old.

It said the average starting wage for a computer technician in 2018 for a tech job in Silicon Valley was $74,900.

In the same group, the average for software engineer was $88.80, the report found.

The disparity is partly due to differences in the types of work that require a computer.

Computer programmers, for instance, are more common at large technology companies, but they’re less likely than engineers to have high school diplomas, the McKinsey report said.

For that reason, it’s harder for them to advance to a higher-level position.

In 2018, only about 30% of programmers in Silicon Beach, California, had at least a bachelor’s degree, compared to 56% in Austin, Texas, according data from the American Association of University Women.

“In my experience, you can’t do that in the workforce of tech companies,” said Jessica Lee, executive director of the Bay Area Council of Technology Professionals.

“They have to hire people who have some degree of experience and have some skills, which is a challenge.”

The Bay Area council of tech professionals represents more than 25,000 professionals in tech and IT.

Lee said the council was particularly concerned that tech jobs pay less than those in retail, which has a higher turnover rate and is more likely a magnet for underrepresented minorities.

“It’s really hard for us to find the people who could be in the tech field and the IT field,” Lee said.

“And that’s why the Bay area is in such a dire need for this.”

In San Francisco, for example, the unemployment rate for programmers is 3.4%, compared with 5.4% for software and support workers, according McKinsey data.

The data show that more than half of programmers who worked in the Bay were women, compared the national average of 45% for the same jobs, the survey found.

But Lee said she’s worried about that disparity, especially as the city’s economy has been slowing down.

The Bay area has experienced its fair share of tech job losses in recent years.

Between 2009 and 2018, the number of tech workers lost dropped by more than 8%, while the number gained increased by only 3.3%, according to a McKinsey survey.

That was the first time the Bay experienced a significant job loss in a decade.

“I worry that the jobs of the future are going to be in tech,” Lee told the Chronicle.

“But that’s going to change as technology becomes more mainstream and more tech

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